reviews of Derryl Gabel

Some monster players that have bought my DVDs are Alex Hutchings, Tosin Abasi, Xander Demos, Runne Berre, Richard Medel, Jack Vincent, Akihiko Onji, Pat Carmody, Jack Zucker, and Dweezil Zappa. These guys were already incredible before they bought my DVDs so I was quite amazed and honored that they did. Thanks guys!

Here’s what some of the world’s top guitarists had to say about my playing some of whom are legendary and quite possibly the best to ever live. I suggest you Google these players and listen to their amazing abilities.

“Hi Derryl, I just wanted to reach out and tell you that I just discovered your playing literally moments ago on youtube. I’m an instant fan. It’s so crazy that we live in an age where you can see something that inspires you and reach out and contact the person almost instantaneously. Anyway, many of the concepts that you are teaching in lessons on playing outside are precisely the kinds of things that I have been gravitating towards lately in my own playing but I don’t have a jazz background and have found it hard to really incorporate these concepts naturally. I am quite inspired to check out your DVDs. Out of curiosity are you local to LA? If so I was wondering if you might be willing to get together and play a little for fun. If so feel free to contact me at this e-mail. It is legitimate. It is me. My website is dweezilzappaworld.com – that is also another way to reach me if you like. I hope to hear from you. Great playing!”

Dweezil Zappa

“It’s like looking in the mirror.”

Allan Holdsworth

“Incredible playing! Derryl is a true master of the guitar with exceptional abilities.”(folks this guy is on par with the greats check him out at chananhanspal.com)

Chanan Hanspal

“Hello Derryl, Great tune! Your technique is very solid and the tone is just beautiful! Nice sweeping : ) Amazing performance, very nice changes and interesting phrasing! You have very cool influences! Greg Howe meets Allan Holdsworth.”

Frank Gambale

“I purchased your legato DVD a few weeks ago and love it!”

Tosin Abasi

“You sound great, and your videos are really cool. Really cool ideas on those videos that I watched from your link. Anyway, thanks again for the email!”(one of the best jazz and fusion guitarists of his generation. check him out at timmillermusic.com)

Tim Miller

“Who is this guy?…he is very talented!”
“Besides having amazing chops he has a good sense of melody and phrasing.”

Shawn Lane

“Thanks for the kind words sir, quite the great player you are!!!All the Best — Bruce “

Bruce Bouillet (RacerX)

“Bro – excellent. Killa swings, killa chops, never at the sacrifice of melody, and stepping outside with taste and grace.”

Ron Thal aka Bumblefoot

“…mind boggling!”

Brett Garsed

“Your the best unsigned guitarist I ever heard! …those are sick licks! How do you do that?”

Greg Howe

“Hey Derryl as I type this email out my hands are shaking haha, Thank you for taking the time to write to me and for your amazing feedback. Your an absolute virtuoso and I wish you all the best for what the future holds for you (I’m sure its all ready massive for you)we all dream to play like you, and judging by this email you’re a gentle man as well. ( I had to laugh when I read this email from Mike because I wish I could play as good as him! Check him out http://michaeldolcemusic.com/ ) Thanks again mate”

Michael Dolce

“After hearing that I’m going to have to go practice.”

Joey Tafolla

“Your an incredible guitarist!” “The point is that after I listened to 250 tapes, there were very few with an original style. I thought Derryl had an original style. He had all the techno-weenie chops happening but I thought he was in a space of his own. So I brought him down to play on Tierra Del Fuego.”

George Lynch

“Just wanted to congratulate you your contribution to guitar. Great Work, love it.”

Les Wise (REH, Musicians Institute)

“Hi, Derryl! You must be the greatest gift to the guitar-playing community! I just hope that more people understand what your instructional releases can do for their development as players. Thank you for your willingness to share from you wealth of guitar-knowledge. You truly are a gem! Thank you! Happy holidays, Derryl! Take good care of you family!”

Rune Berre

“Hey Derryl, Thanks for your kind words! They mean a lot to me.
I’m honored you enjoyed listening to my stuff. You’re a great player!”

Gustavo Assis-Brasil

“Derryl is a gunslinger of the first order. A keen sense of when to burn and when to breathe puts him on the next level, that of a musician of the first order.”

John Stix (Editor and chief of Guitar for the Practicing Musician 92)

“Hey guys:I’ve received many CDs and tapes from aspiring guitarists since I started the Shawn Lane website. None have impressed me more than Derryl Gabel’s “Visions And Dreams.” Derryl first contacted me 2 years ago and sent a short demo tape. His speed was VERY impressive but what really hooked me was his phrasing and melodic compositions. I encouraged Derryl to release a CD and he was reluctant at first. Early this year I let Shawn hear Derryl’s work and he had some positive comments. When I told Derryl about this it finally convinced him to work on a CD. “Visions And Dreams” is the final work and I’m sure you’ll be impressed.”

Mick Trammel (Shawn’s Web Master)

“Derryl is the best! I think Derryl is one of the finest electric guitarists around today – his technical and melodic expression is not of this world! Buy his DVD’s and support this GREAT independent artist ,awesome!”

Nick Kellie

“I get more out of 5 minutes with you, than HOURS with some of these other folks. I’m going to have to check your website and see if I can afford to take it to the next level with you! This is just amazing!”

312chicagoadam youtube.com (posted on the Tetratonic video)

“Hi Derryl, I just wanted to let you know that I have received the DVD’s and that they are fantastic! Excellent work on compiling all of your DVDs in to one handy collection. I also wanted to say thanks for the inspiration and the help you’ve given me in my musical journey. Cheers mate!”

Andy Rofe from Australia

“Derryl! Hey man, hope you’re well! I did get a chance to dig in – totally loving them. Incredible inspiration I have to tell you.”

Xander Demos

“Derryl, thank you so much for your effort. i spent so much life time and money to get some musically help and i was never really happy. What you did for the bucks I had to pay is just amazing. You are playing on the level of Frank Gambale and Co. but you are even better. You share with the one that don’t have your talents and skills but we share the same dream. I bow my head maestro 😉 God bless”

Georges Walser Switzerland

“Thanx Derryl for putting out such great material. Been working on some of the stuff we bought from you and it’s very informative and well thought out. Makes learning easy and fun plus knowing your accomplishing something that will have meaning. Great stuff brother and may Jehovah Bless You and Yours!!!”

Shredfester ( youtube )

“Before I discovered Derryl Gabel, I was stuck in the same pentatonic boxes and major/minor scales we all learn when we start out. I’d graduated from a famous music school and I’d got my degree in applied performance, but my practicing was repetitive and I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere. A friend of mine turned me on to Derryl, and after hearing his “Visions and Dreams” CD, I figured I’d take a shot and see if I could pick up a tip or two. I bought “Cool Legato Phrases,” and what I learned was a whole new way of playing and thinking about music. I can say without hesitation that out of the hundreds of guitar instructional materials I’ve purchased over the years, CLP is right up at the top of the stack. It’s the best guitar fusion instruction available today, period. Derryl is much more than just an amazingly gifted musician, he’s also a talented teacher, who generously shares his musicality and his awesome technique in an easy to understand series of musical examples that allow every guitarist, regardless of level, to develop the chops they need to express themselves in the modern musical world. Thanks, Derryl, for opening my ears!”

Marc Blumenreich, guitar instructor at Crescenta Valley Music Studio, La Crescenta, CA.-

“I have seen and used almost every guitar instructional that has come out over the last ten years and I can say, without question, that your Technique Book and series of instructional DVDs are the best that I’ve come across. From learning advanced techniques to working on fundamentals of rhythm and theory, your instructionals have been and will continue to be an invaluable resource to me. The technical advances that I’ve made in the last few years, I owe in large part to your Technique Book and DVDs, and strongly recommend them to every guitar player I know. Incredible stuff and can’t wait for the next one.”

Marc Blumenreich, guitar instructor at Crescenta Valley Music Studio, La Crescenta, CA.-

“Hi Derryl, Bro, I am sOooooooo stoked about all this new stuff to work on. You have NO idea. I just think you need to pat yourself on the back a few million times…I can’t imagine a 10 yr old having this much information available to them. Wish this would have been there when I was 10, 20, 30, 40. Well I’m just glad it’s here now. Sometimes we do things that seem pretty thank-less. Let this be a HUGE thanks, for any thank-less thoughts you may have ever had… Talk soon, I’ve been going over some of the standards I have played in my 40+ yr trek learning to play guitar. And since the 313 etc. approach, I have a much better command of getting through the changes. Still can’t play Giant Steps up to speed, but just trying these last few months, :songs like Scrapple from the Apple, Donna Lee, Autumn Leaves, etc. etc. all now seem relatively easy, or at least easier. Now; Phrasing is everything. Again thanks for giving me the push I needed/wanted…Look forward to another lesson soon.”

Rick Lewis

“Derryl lays out the road map to achieve ‘guitar wizard’ status… Although it certainly helps to have 9″ fingers though…lol Mind-blowing amounts of data in many formats. I don’t know how one guy can ‘know’ so much stuff..It’s ridiculous.. Love the sequences in the pdfs..This is all the stuff [fundamental exercises] that I never , ever , ever , gave any attention to at all.. These sequences are insanely helpful..And can’t wait til’ the fluidity/speed increases…Lovin’ it…. It is butt-kickin’ fer sure… I am not worthy [to quote Garth and Wayne]..lol”

Greg Marino from Portland CT

“The material is top notch and can help any guitarist on any level any style. The fingerings and sweep picking ideas are especially helpful for getting those sax and piano type riffs.”

Bill Murphy

“I have played guitar for almost thirty years. I have taught guitar for many of those years and played in bands. Over the last couple of years, I have felt the need to stretch my technique, theory, phrasing, and ability to make all of that translate musically. Obviously, there is a mountain of instructional materials available to us today. However, after some research, I knew Derryl’s program of materials was the right choice for me. His material is just the best option for the serious player. And when I say “stretch,” I really mean stretch – your fretboard hand will never be the same, and neither will your technical vocabulary! Derryl is an excellent teacher and his materials are accessible and immerse for the dedicated player. To be sure, some of Derryl’s passages are not for the faint-of-heart. However, if you are looking to set your playing apart and expand your horizons beyond the predictable three-fingered, boxy pentatonic sound that too many players settle for, you owe it to yourself to discipline yourself with Derryl’s dvd’s. You will develop a new level of fluidity in your style. You will learn much about the way scales and chords work together musically. You will also discover your pinky!”

David Filson

“Derryl Gabel unlocks the playing concepts & style that were a mystery to many musicians & unselfishly shows a detailed direction to achieve this style of music.”

Joe Guzzo

“For years I’ve listened to players like Allan Holdsworth,Scott Henderson and Frank Gambale to name a few. Derryl’s DVDs and instruction materials were the first resources I used to begin to grasp and understand what these guys were doing.- If you want to go to the next level in your playing Derryl’s material provides excellent visual examples at regular and slowed speeds as well as tabs etc.,- that you can refer to at anytime.”

Greg Gavin

“Hi Derryl, Your instruction/technique DVD is amazing, its been really well thought out and each section is clear, and the fingerboard display is a great tool to help navigate through each exercise. I would recommended this teaching aid to any guitar player who wishes to improve his/her technique no matter what genre of music they are into.”

Graham (UK)

“Derryl’s Guitar Technique Book is a superb resource that any guitarist interested in their harmonic vocabulary and grasp of modern electric guitar technique would do well to study. Even if you are not primarily a fusion guitarist, the material presented will be of immense value to your overall musicianship. Highly recommended!”

Tom Stevenson

“I came across Derryl’s dvd ‘Cool Legato Phrases’ after reading a review on one of the ‘Shred’ guitar sites and it was such a change from everyone’s three note per string hammer on and pull off scalular exercise playing style. The 313, 31313 and 313313 concepts instantly changes your sound from a ‘I’ve heard this a million times before’ 80’s guitarist to a more open and melodic sound. I later purchased to other dvd’s as they came out and the Cool Legato Phrases 2 lends itself to venturing into a Fusion/Rock style ala Greg Howe, Brett Garsed, and Frank Gambale…style player. I started out as a keyboardist and as a guitarist and i was a little frustrated in the limits of the 3nps and triad arpeggio solo concepts verses the fluidity and range of a keyboardist until i got the Pentatonic Passages dvd and was easily able to stretch out creative lines in three+ octaves like a keyboardist or even a horn player. I think i have all of the dvds and the ‘Outside Secrets’ touched on concepts very rarely taught or explained clearly, such as what scales to use in a Jazz/Blue’s Fusion improvisation style and the Parker, Coltrane concepts. The ‘Outside Secrets 2’ dvd is my favorite of them all so far. In my opinion, once you’ve grasped the techniques and concepts of the previous dvds this dvd gets you closer to understanding,hearing/playing in the Allan Holdsworth extremely advanced outside true legato style of playing. It’s highly impressive and makes you feel like a real guitar hero learning and creating your own out of this world, i can play over anything lines. Along with the ‘Chordal Mysteries Revealed’ dvd you will impress yourself with what you come up with as well as all of the musicians around you. I strongly recommend any one of Derryl’s dvds if you’ve reached a plateau in your playing and or if you are going for more of an up to date modern guitarist sound with the harmonic knowledge of a Fusion/JazzRock instrumentalist.”

Dwayne Lee

“I have three instructionals of Derryl Gabel: Creative Tapping Techniques, Cool Legato Phrases and Visions and Dreams. Those material gives me a huge impact of different techniques and a wide range of musical stylistics; which are very helpful for my playing. Derryl covers the span between technique and music in a great unique way.”

Jens from Germany

“Hi Derryl, I ordered Derryl’s DVD “Visions and Dreams” online. I was completely blow away by Derryl’s guitar playing. It was so effortless and smooth it seemed unreal. He displayed incredible technique, but the music had so much warmth I felt like crying. Derryl showed me there are no limits when it comes to playing music. Look out Steve Vai and Frank Gambale there is a new kid in town, and his name is Darryl. Amazing stuff Derryl, keep it coming.”

Jeff Scott Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

“I’ve been using your guitar technique book since 2002 and wouldn’t be the player I am today without it. It showed me picking ideas I would have never imagined were possible. The ideas on tapping, legato, and a healthy dose of music theory have shaped the player that I am today. I can’t wait to hear a new CD.”

John Redden

“Derryl’s instructional DVDs have totally revamped the way i approach guitar. The techniques are shown in fine detail and many cant be found anywhere else. From the technique book jammed pack with mini lessons and techniques to the DVDs, Derryl shows his mastery of the instrument…and better yet, he shares the knowledge that got him there! Thanks Derryl, I’ve made huge leaps in my playing due to your material!”

Michael Leopard Chambersburg, PA

“Derryl’s DVD Cool Legato Phrases Part 1 and part 2 as well as his New DVD Creative Tapping Techniques are absolutely mind blowing. If you think your a good guitarist prepare to be humbled. Derryl’s use of legato as well as his use of Arpeggios,string skipping, and Bidexteral tapping will leave you with your jaw on the floor. Yes, he REALLY IS that good. These DVDs are a must have if you take your playing seriously and want to be lifted to the next level. Derryl is Allan Holdsworth,Shawn Lane and Frank Gambale rolled into one. A truly blessed and gifted player.”

Rob Howard

“Excellent product, truly helped my with my legato runs and chordal structures,and improv skills… but just as important, the QUALITY and sound of the videos is very good, unlike many other instructionals that have low bit rate or video compression, these are put together in pristine fashion.”

Scott Fields

“I purchased my copies of Derryl’s Technique Book, and Cool Legato Phrases. They have helped my playing immensely. Derryl’s ideas, and concepts are incredible, and are great for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Kudos to Derryl.”

Pete Pachio (Shredguy Records Recording Artist)

“While the sounds that I’ve aspired to have been in my ears for a long time, I often was mystified as to how to go about codifying them, and my personal approach left me wanting. Than I came across Derryl’s videos on YouTube and was impressed, even more that he had instructional videos and a book! I ordered his videos and his book. Watching Derryl explain the techniques, and reading the provided written material provided with the DVDs, and his book that is jam packed of useful insights and formulas, turned on many lights that I was disparately searching for. All of a sudden the sounds that I was searching for were starting to come out of my guitar … sweet! Derryl methodically breaks down each approach without the “over talk” and gives many examples during performance so the viewer can see and hear the principles in action. The provided written materiel is great so you can see the materiel notated in pdf and Powertab! If taken one step at a time, and the principles mastered, I cannot imagine otherwise but assured proficiency and confidence in one’s playing. More than anything though, I am still blown away that one man decided to be so open hearted in sharing his knowledge of a topic that is usually jealously guarded. I am glad to have discovered this very talented, and humble, musician. Thank you Derryl.”

Emanuel David

“All of Derryl Gabel’s instructional dvds are the finest example of improvisation building. As well as being full of endless amounts of licks and innovative techniques, each dvd is tailored to the highest degree in every aspect of modern guitar playing, meaning you will never be disappointed with the purchases you decide to make. The Guitar Technique book is a thorough and vast piece of learning material. The amount of notated information and music theory is astounding. The Guitar Technique book will take you years to get through due to the vast amount of guitar technique and music theory.”

Robert Brown

“Hi Derryl ! Just wanted to thank you for the great guitar courses you have developed. I have ordered several of your DVDs and the technique book. I have to say these courses have taught me new approaches of guitar playing and have helped to expand my current knowledge of the guitar. I truly recommend these to any guitar players looking to enhance their playing and knowledge.”

Perry Carelli

“Hi Derryl, having purchased your fusion pack of 8 dvds and the guitar techniques book it’s helped my playing immensely. Easy to follow and understand it is by far the best guitar tuition pack i could ever have purchased. It covers every aspect of fusion from chords to scales, modes and arpeggios. All are demonstrated on the dvds with excellent close up camera work and played normal and slowed down so you just can’t go wrong. I would strongly recommend Derryl’s products to all guitar players from beginners and advanced to professionals even. There is something for all players.”

Sean Redmond

“I’ve got tremendous use out of your DVDs – they’re put together with such care and attention to detail. And of course, your playing on them is tremendously inspiring! Keep up the excellent work & playing!”

John Gregson

“Derryl’s DVD packet might as well be a fusion guitarist’s boot camp. Crazy technique and legato innovations, awesome theoretical lessons, anything a fusion fan who wants to advance their guitar playing will ever need. Derryl is a very nice, talented and intelligent individual with a lot of knowledge to share, which he does with these DVDs. If the Holdsworth/Garsed fusion style intrigues you, look no further than this packet to broaden your phrasing, strengthen your chops, and enlarge your theory knowledge.”

Haven Lewis

“I bought ‘Cool Legato Phrases 1’ to expand my musical language. I am quite new to the legato style and this dvd has been a great help in getting into it. The material is well presented by tabs, pdf and video. Maybe not for the beginning guitarist however.”

Olav Vlaar

“My playing has been inspired by Derryl and I think Derryl Gabel’s DVDs are the fastest and easiest way for a serious guitarist to obtain tasteful and blistering chops. In most cases, he lays out each idea in order, providing slow, medium and fast video examples as well as written tab. His DVDs are excellent for guitarists, whether you are an aspiring soloist or advanced musician who wants to just further develop your abilities. Derryl is also friendly and communicative if you have questions. For me, Derryl is the closest thing to a fusion encyclopedia. He can play things that sound impossible and make it look easy!”

Eric Paulos Los Angeles, CA

“Derryl, Your DVDs are the Rosetta Stone of legato fusion playing. Tons of great ideas in technicolor sound!!! I recommend to anyone interested in the legato style.”

Nick A

“I would love to comment on the instructional material I have purchased.That stuff is sick!As a rock musician for over 30 years I sampled your stuff and WOW I knew I had to learn this stuff.Every dvd is packed full of material to keep me going with out losing interest or site of my playing goals.This material is interesting and very motivational as well!I love it!!”

Aaron Tremper

“Derryl’s Technique Book is one of the most interesting guitar instructionals I’ve purchased thus far (and I have a lot). It gives you a unique way of learning all of your arpeggios and their extensions, as well as an incredibly vast array of unique (and cool sounding) pentatonic, tapping, sweep picking, chordal, and legato ideas. This book, combined with lessons from the man himself, has really given me an idea as to where I should take my playing, as well as how I can improve it.”

Quinn Parsley

“Dear Derryl, I just want to say that in my fusion musical journey so many of the simplest secrets that have eluded me for 10yrs of instrumental guitar playing were and are getting unlocked, in your “outside secrets” 1 and 2 dvds especially with the great tabs , plus there is theory and technical stuff that’s I’ve never even heard or seen explained in any other dvds or books (and I’ve got them all) your tabs and DVDs are inspirational and like a goldmine of guitar treasure that I know I will be reaching into for the next 10 yrs, many thanks, knowing I can call on you for support in the more difficult sections of your stuff just makes it so worth the investment, 10/10 Derryl on these mate!”

Mark Thompson Shredknowledge.com

“I think I have all of Derryl’s publications. I’ve found them very challenging and fun. They have all helped me in many ways. Looking forward for more to come.”

Anthony Janflone

“Thank you very much for making lessons of your guitar technique. Your legato and tapping is outstanding and unique compared to most guitar players. Your style of music that you use for your technique is like walking into a new dimension or world of music. You took fusion to the next level and made it very fascinating and awesome. Your technique inspired me to make my own licks and try to make my own sound with them. And you also inspired me to try to make scary and stretchy licks melodic and meaningful.”

Michael Lewis

“If you are a guitar player looking for a fresh approach to technique and improvising, Derryl’s series of books and dvds will help you grow in ways you may have never considered. As a full time guitar instructor and performing/ recording musician, I am always looking for ways to improve not just my technique, but overall musicianship. I have found his technique book to be great for honing one’s chops, while the dvds present clear examples of new and extraordinary concepts….even the most seasoned pro can pick up a few ideas that will undoubtedly inspire hours of exploration. Derryl’s series of instructional materials certainly receive my highest recommendation.”

Shawn Christie-Zeroesque

“I’ve purchased almost all of Derryl Gabel’s instructional DVDs and it’s helped my playing tremendously! There are many aspects of these dvd’s that will take your playing to the next level. One can gain a myriad of insights with the various instructionals such as new ideas, new techniques or even a different way of phrasing. Thanks again for the inspiration Derryl.”

Orest Dziatyk

“Great insight into the world of fretboard application, the most effortless amazing playing I have ever seen. These DVDS provide years of material.”

Kurt Bell

“I just want to share that I have ordered Cool Legato Phrases 1&2, Pentatonic Passages, Outside Secrets 1&2, and Chordal Mysteries revealed. All of these DVDs are professionally done and the content is amazing. These DVDs have taken my playing much further than several years of lessons which cost me me a boat load of money…You are not only a talented musician but a fantastic teacher. Thank you for providing such a reasonable and excellent resource to the guitar community.”

Joseph Auci

“Derryl Gabel clinics are the most complete and advanced you can find, is excellent teaching material, I have radically improved my technique, Derryl the clinics are the best we’ve seen in today’s market, recommend them 100%. www.myspace.com / ranaguitar, forthcoming material from my new album. Thanks Derryl!”

Rene from Mexico

“I think Derryl Gabel’s works are an excellent value. He takes the time to give you the TOOLS, and not another “Look How Fast I Can Play” Ego Driven supposed lesson online. There are different techniques all Guitarist’s and Producers can benefit from. The Full Package is grossly undervalued at these prices. Just Food for Thought. If Derryl were to accept a Major Label recording deal, today, immediately without notice to you his website would be shutdown and all his material would no longer available. I think anyone interested in expanding and improving his or her love of Guitar should get his entire set (While it is Available.) Some people don’t realize the value of what was offered, until it is Gone. This praise is coming from a recipient of over 21 Gold LP’s and 18 Platinum Album Awards and 4 Triple Platinum albums. I only wish, Derryl you were visible to me when I had the Major Signing Power in the 70s.”


“Amazing techniques in my favorite styles thought by a virtuoso guitar player and a very gifted teacher! Showing his play on DVD has really opened my mind after 20 years of professional playing jazz and fusion. I can recommend Derryl’s material to any advanced guitarist!”

Oliver Steffen – Germany

“Hi there fellow guitarists. If you’re serious about your music and looking for an inspirational instructor to give your playing a huge boost, you’ve got to check out Derryl Gabel! As a longtime semiprofessional player, I can quite clearly list those players or teachers who’ve had the most impact on my playing over the years. Those magic moments of inspiration and insight which enabled me to take another forward leap in the lifelong pursuit of musical excellence. It has been some time since I experienced that feeling, but a couple of months back, an email link lead me to Derryl’s site – and what a stroke of luck that has turned out to be! I ordered ‘Pentatonic Passages’ and ‘Outside Secrets 1’ and was quite honestly blown away! Derryl’s amazing technique is frightening enough, but what made the package especially exciting for me was being able to apply his unique and original approach to improvising to my own playing. You will learn new ways to approach the familiar tools of improvisation, be they scales, arpeggios or licks. You will learn innovative approaches to sweeping, legato and tapping and regardless of what genre you’re into, you will find a way to incorporate these techniques into your particular guitar style. I immediately ordered ‘Outside Secrets 2’ and ‘Creative Tapping Techniques’ and could not be happier with these courses. They will keep me stimulated and challenged for a long time yet. Thank you Derryl Gabel!”

John M
David Papendorf-(Australia )

Hey D, Just a quick thank you for adding the “Diagonal Shifting” scale approach on your 2nd FIT DVD. It’s really unlocked the secret I was searching for to Bret Garsed’s style. I’ve always watched Garsed over and over moving over the fretboard in that sort of “reverse diagonal – major 7 shape” approach, but I could never quite “get it” as to architecture he was using to move around like that on the fretboard – until now!! I’ve always been a diagonal player, but only moving in the opposite direction that the way you show on the video (i.e. moving from nut to bridge in direction vs. the way you show on the video). What you show is almost like seeing the modes in a “reverse” fashion from bridge to nut. I love it! Oh, and by the way, the 4 note per string patterns on the FIT DVDs are laid out extremely well!! I’d been looking for a more (shall I say) “scientific” approach to 4 notes per string, but was unable to really find that “one way to do it”. However, your FIT approach of “right, right, middle, middle, left, left, spread” is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Just realizing that architecture is already making a big difference in my improv skills. Thanks so much for putting that in the video. It’s simply a spectacular piece of teaching. Thanks again for a great DVD lesson!”

John M

“I have the say that after ordering your DVD guitar lessons I was quite impressed with the content. I’ve been playing for forty two years and I am already a solid player. Using your material has help me look at the guitar neck in new ways that I didn’t before. This material is for anyone, beginner to advanced players that want to take their playing to the next level. Then i started to study with Derryl privately. This will greatly enhance the already great material offered. Thanks Derryl for your great motivation.”

Aaron Brown Phoenix Music & Media artist

“You’re great!! You’re DVDs are the best ever…I’ve been improving my technique and my improvisation skills with your DVDs!! Thanks!!”

Andrea from Italy

“Hi Derryl, I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and talents. Your DVDs go way beyond any instructional series that I’ve ever encountered. You’ve inspired me to completely reinvent my playing at the age of 37, after playing guitar from age 8.”

Shane French

“Well, this dvd is exactly what I am looking for. I need to increase my speed, efficiency and become more familiar with modal playing. I know the 7 forms, but I am not comfortable playing in the forms. Every time I improvise, I go back to the old faithful pentatonics, but I need to expand. I bought a couple other dvds and was very disappointed. One course I am returning for a refund. Yours is definitely a keeper! Glad I found it.”

Jack Yankowski

“Derryl, I just wanted to say that I am extremely impressed with the video I purchased. The shear amount of material is mind boggling. I have kept myself very busy shedding the first few exercises for the last week. I haven’t even dented the video. This was/is exactly what the doctor ordered for me as I have been growing more and more curious about the legato sound, and triadic and arpeggiated styles. Your sound seems to somewhat of a cross between Gambale and Holdsworth , very interesting. Thanks a lot, I’m back to work.”

Mark Gibson

“Hi Derryl – I cannot tell you how exciting it was to learn the 9th’s. What has been a puzzle for so many years – a steep learning curve u broke that down so well with these chord lessons. Thanks a lot!”

Khalil Virji New York

“Hi Derryl ! My financial may not great,but I am slowly looking into windows of opportunity to slowly but sure get all the DVDs I am in need of ..I love your instructional stuff!It is fantastic!! Thanks!! All the best !!”

Carlos Melendez

“Hello Derryl, I would like to purchase your “Master Chords and Harmony” download version. Can I send you the $39.95 via PayPal? I have had problems with Digital River in the past and I would feel much more comfortable with PayPal. Also, I absolutely love your “FIT” DVD. It’s extremely well done, your ideas are brilliant and it’s already improved my playing. Thank you so much!”

Greg Kovacs, New Jersey

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Claude Raymond (from Gatineau, Québec, Canada)

“I started digging into your training materials last weekend and spent about four hours on Saturday getting into it. Really well produced stuff and very logical/rational/methodical, unlike most of the other crap out there. I think these materials may finally make it sink in!”

Clark Virginia Beach, VA

“Haha – cool. I downloaded and started watching Supersonic Sweeping straight after I sent the msg, and felt a bit foolish, but I have to say I love what I have seen so far! You know, I never thought of letting the pick fall through to the next string with the 3 notes per string alternate picking thing. And I’ve been at that for ages trying to perfect it. I only got to the point where I don’t have to think about it about 6 months ago! Thanks again Derryl 🙂 You’re awesome mate!”

Tim Dignan

“Hi Derryl Please add my words of praise to your deservedly long list. I’ve had my 12 Pack ‘Ultimate Virtuosity’ for a week or so now and frankly I don’t even know where to begin in my praise. To any guitarist, in any style – seriously, you NEED these DVDs. Go without food to get them if you have to. For the price of a mediocre effects pedal you will instead drastically improve your playing, your tone, your musicality, your everything. It’s not just for “Holdsworth” buffs either, it’s for any guitarist in any style. I’ve been playing for 25 years and I’ve learned so much already. If you live outside of America don’t worry either, I live in Australia and my DVDs arrived fast and with no hassle. There’s nothing else to say – buy these, buy these, buy these!”

Manning in Sydney

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Olivier Clonaris in France

“Derryl, Just letting you know that the 12 pack arrived quickly and well packaged. In the meantime, I’ve been going through the downloaded items as time allowed [busy time of year for me and wife] and I’m thoroughly impressed. Almost immediately, CLPs had me busting my butt – and that’s great. Also really loving the outside secrets material. Excellent job!”

Louis MacDonald from Canada

“Thanks so much! I can’t wait to dig into it! You make the greatest guitar-vids! I almost feel like it’s cheating:) God bless on your wonderful work!”

Chris Kray – Minnesota

“Hey Derryl, .. so far I’m through “Supersonic Sweeping 1” and “Pentatonic Passages” and am currently working on “Creative Tapping”… you’ve really provided some unbelievable material. It’s been a catalyst for some serious creativity and has really made me focus on completely effortless playing. Thanks for taking the time to put these DVDs out!”

Christian Colabelli