An Afternoon with Derryl Gabel (available in DVD, Blu-ray, or MP4 download)

Release Date: July 27, 2013

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Have you ever wished you could go to your favorite guitar player's studio and look at what gear they're using, settings for amps and FX, and browse their library of books, videos and albums? Me too! That's why I made this video. Quite often I get asked these questions and a lot more so I made this video for you. In this hour and a half video I cover these topics along with what software I use for recording, practicing, and transcribing. I've included screen shots of all my amp and FX settings so that you can dial them in using your own equipment. For those that have an Axe FX Ultra or the Axe II I have all my patches saved as sysx files for you to simply upload to your unit with no programming needed! I've also included screen shots of the plugin settings I use as well explaining how to record dry while monitoring a wet sound. As a bonus, you'll see footage of me playing one of my favorite solos from a legendary player and I've even included the transcription as well! So sit back and relax while I share with you some information that has taken me years to figure out. Enjoy!


  1. Introduction
  2. The Gear
  3. The Sounds
  4. Software
  5. Books
  6. Videos
  7. Albums
  8. Solo
Included on the DVD is the transcription of the solo in Power Tab, PDF and Guitar Pro 6 formats. I've also included screen shot jpegs of all the settings for my patches and plugins. There