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  1. Commentary and analysis of examples 1 – 13 -Major 7th
  2. Commentary and analysis of examples 14 – 20 -Dom7th
  3. Commentary and analysis of examples 21 – 30 -Minor7th
  4. Commentary and analysis of examples 31-40 -Minor7b5
  5. Commentary and analysis of examples 41-50 -Diminished7th
  6.  Direct Access to Example Lines 1 – 50



In this epic course I show you how to take small phrases used in jazz language and create beautifully melodic lines.  There are 50 examples that you can access directly or you can go into the commentary section and watch me show you how everything is constructed and put together.  By using the methods laid out in this course, you’ll be able to create your own wonderful lines that you can use in your own solos.  The examples start out very basic and then get increasingly more complex and sophisticated.  The lines in the beginning are more bebop based but as the examples progress they become more modern and fusion based.  Each line example has an on screen tab and notation to make learning easier.  In the commentary section I break down the nuts and bolts of the line and use neck diagrams that will allow you to see how they weave around the chord tones.  Total running time is 4 hours and 21 minutes. The download is 12.74gb.

Here’s Example 20 from the course

If you are serious about becoming a better musician and guitarist this course is for you.

It doesn’t matter what style you play. Utilizing the concepts presented in this course will add a whole new dimension to your playing and the way you see the fretboard guaranteed!

Included with the course is transcriptions in the Guitar Pro and PDF formats.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

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