The Derryl Gabel Ultimate Virtuosity Mega Pack DVD Set and Flash Drive

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  • Guitar Fretboard Positioning System DVD Video Sample
  • 12 Key Mastery DVD Video Sample
  • Fretboard Intensive Training DVD Video Sample
  • Mastering Chords and Harmony DVD Video Sample
  • Hybrid Picking Spread Triads DVD Video Sample
  • Pentatonic Passages DVD Video Sample
  • Supersonic Sweeping DVD Video Sample
  • Supersonic Sweeping Part 2 DVD Video Sample
  • Cool Legato Phrases Part 1 DVD Video Sample
  • Cool Legato Phrases Part 2 DVD Video Sample
  • Creative Tapping Techniques DVD Video Sample
  • Outside Secrets Part 1 DVD Video Sample
  • Outside Secrets Part 2 DVD Video Sample
  • Outside Secrets Part 3 DVD Video Sample
  • Outside Secrets Part 4 DVD Video Sample
  • Visions and Dreams DVD Video Sample
  • Visions and Dreams Songbook CD-ROM Video Sample
  • Fusion Solos E-Book and CD-ROM Transcription MP3
  • An Afternoon with Derryl Gabel DVD Video Sample
  • Interactive Guitar Technique E-Book CD-ROM Sample PDF
  • Modal Fluency ( download only ) Video Sample
  • Streams of Consciousness (download only)
  • Four Note Per String Ideas (download only)
  • Drop2 Chord Limitation Exercises (download only)
  • Major7th Drop2 (download only)
  • Improvisation Strategies (download only)
  • The Harmonic Minor Scale (download only)
  • Chord Melody (download only)
  • Inside Out (download only)
  • Mapping Out 7th Arpeggios (download only)
  • Exploring the Diminished Scale (download only)
  • Triad Pairs (download only)


The Mega Pack includes all 17 of my instructional videos on DVD, the Fusions Solos CD-ROM, the Visions and Dreams Songbook CD-ROM and my 250 plus page Interactive Guitar Technique E-book on CD-ROM with bonus mp3s. This includes the download version of all that PLUS the Student Request Lesson Bundle ( 12 additional downloadable instructional videos totaling 9.5 hours ). All this content will be included on a flash drive as well. You’ll also get a free online lesson with me via Zoom to be used at any time, scheduling permitting. Your free lesson expires after 3 months of your purchase of the Mega Pack. If you were to buy each item separately plus the half hour skype lesson you would pay well over $900! Save over $600 by buying the Mega pack today! Click here to watch a review.

All examples are transcribed in tab and standard notation. These will be included with the download version in the Power Tab and PDF formats. Once your order is placed you will be directed to a link for the download version. You can use this while you wait for your DVDs to arrive! Orders in the USA take 3 to 5 business days. Outside the USA takes 7 to 10 business days or longer depending on location. Keep in mind I only offer customer service and support to customers who buy my products from me or authorized vendors.

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4 reviews for The Derryl Gabel Ultimate Virtuosity Mega Pack DVD Set and Flash Drive

  1. Steve Beaupre

    If you are like me, your development as a guitar player has been hampered by what you don’t know that you don’t know. Recently, I got hungry for more, and started with several of Derryl’s instructional videos. Now I have the Ultimate Virtuosity Mega Pack, and even take skype lessons from the man. The Mega Pack is not just a collection of instructional videos – it is a carefully planned curriculum, designed to reveal deep harmonic connections and to develop technical competence. The Mega Pack is a guitar gymnasium for strength, endurance, and theory. For most players, the first two or three videos (GFPS, 12-Key Mastery, Intensive training) will be transformative. From there, Derryl cracks the egg, to show you the infinite nature of music, and he gives you practical strategies to access uncommon knowledge. Derryl is meticulous, and his curriculum is thorough; you will short cut years of struggle, and rapidly transform, if you can devote the practice time needed. His methodical and pleasant presentation style light a path to higher and higher levels of mastery. He is kind and freely shares his deep knowledge of all things guitar, and beyond. It will simply be the best money you’ve ever spent on guitar instruction.

  2. Ad Winter

    I love having all these topics and lessons at my fingertips on the flash drive. I only have a certain amount of time per day I can devote to the guitar(unfortunately), but this flash drive is very convenient. The video quality is fantastic and so is the audio. The on-screen neck diagrams really zoom in on what is important. Derryl is a great teacher for any level. This product is aimed at all levels. I take lessons with Derryl on Skype and this flash drive is the next best thing to having Derryl teaching you. His step by step teaching method is very effective. My knowledge of the fretboard has increased dramatically, as has my knowledge of theory, chord construction and many other areas. The amount of material covered in this product is encyclopedic. I highly recommend this product as well as taking lessons from Derryl. He is a true professional. Thanks, Derryl!

  3. John Alvino

    The Ultimate Virtuosity Mega Pack did two important things for my guitar playing (and continues to deliver on these items to this day). First of all, it gave me all the material and exercises I would ever need to continue to advance as a musician and guitarist, and it puts it all in one place. Derryl has done all the hard work of working out all the details of what to learn and how to learn it, and it’s expertly packaged in this DVD set.

    The second thing this pack has done for me is opened my mind to the most important part of becoming a better guitarist: and that is how to create interesting IDEAS with common material. The ways in which Derryl is able to effortlessly twist and turn around the fretboard is a product of all the amazing ideas he is able to generate from material we all know and love, like the basic major scale. And just by going through all of his ideas it has made me think about the material I know well in a much different way.

    There are guitar concepts that I always thought I knew inside and out, but as it turns out, I didn’t know as well as I thought. And this program exposed those weakness and helped me work on them in a very efficient and productive way.

    If you are serious about reaching your guitar goals this Mega Pack is going to help you get there. Period.

  4. Doug Przybyszewski

    This is a great product. Derryl shows you how to get to the next level of playing, no matter where you are in your journey. There is a lot of material here, and I I find it a very good value . If you’re new to playing, you’ll want to stick to GPS and FIT at first, and as you progress, there are many paths to take; you can mix up ideas, bounce from lesson to lesson- it’s always interesting. Moreover, Derryl is very responsive to questions about his lessons. He follows up and stands behind his product. I’d also recommend lessons with him if you’re not already taking them. This guy loves guitar and it shows in his product, playing, and demeanor. Thanks, Derryl.

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