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Here’s a transcription of the Countdown solo that is featured on my Giant Steps album and Youtube. According to Allan Holdsworth’s road manager, Eddie Coralnick, when he played this for Allan he said “It’s like looking in the mirror”. You get the transcription in Guitar Pro 6, 7, and PDF formats.

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Hey guys, back around 2003 Eddie Coralnick which was Allan Holdsworth’s road manager for 20 years bought my Giant Steps album off of ebay.  He found it there because I listed it as “Derryl Gabel Giant Steps album ( Allan Holdsworth )” .  I did this so fans of Allan could find me.  Out of curiosity, Eddie bought the album.  He emailed me, told me who he was, and said he was very impressed with my playing and was going to play it for Allan.  Later he emailed me and said that he played my solo on Countdown for Allan and one of the things Allan said was “it’s like looking in the mirror”.  Being a big fan of Allan’s, this was a huge compliment to me.  At the time I was working as a department manager for Walmart and playing guitar non-professionally and part time.  This was a huge deal and gave me the confidence to keep pursuing my passion and my goal of one day doing this for a living which I’ve been doing since 2010.  A back story behind why I recorded this solo was I had recorded my Giant Steps solo about a month or so earlier and posted it on the Gnarley Geezer forum which was the unofficial Holdsworth forum at the time.  Someone made a comment that I should try soloing over Countdown because it’s even harder than Giant Steps.  This is true.  Giant Steps has 3 key centers where as Countdown has seven.  The keys change extremely rapidly so it’s the most challenging of all the jazz standards to improvise over.  Anyway, here’s the transcription of my solo for sale if anyone is interested.

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